Tuesday, September 18, 2012

48 Room One

48  "Room One" 6x6 oil on panel, copyright Laura Gable
Here's another small part of my vintage motel series (see day 38/100 for the first entry). My dad gave me some of these key tags from our old motel. I have one from each of the 6 rooms, though some are in this forest green, and some in a bright orange. Funny, my memory recalls these as being more of a deep maroon color. Some were broken at the top where the ring went in, and some had the plastic label tape stuck on to correct the mailing address. He used a white paint to correct some of the room numbers. The keys were all missing, so I picked these up at an antique store. My sister has the old "Naugahyde" green horse head chair, with a large head of a horse stitched on the back in gold thread. We used to sit with our crayons and draw these horses over and over. There are a lot of funny stories from these experiences of owning, and growing up in a motel in the 60's and 70's. I'll share more later.

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