Saturday, October 13, 2012

73 Aspen Glow

72 "Aspen Glow" 12x12 oil on board, copyright Laura Gable
Here you see a local scene that attracted my attention. I love the way this young tree just vibrates against the shadows of the backdrop tree. Looking through the branches there is a smokey view down river. The smoke from recent wild fires is clearing, though it hugs the horizon on cooler days.

There is some debate about placing a large tree on the left-most side of the painting, per a recent discussion with my artistic mentor. Since we read from left to right, placing a large object there would block the eye from entering the painting. So in that regard, perhaps this composition has failed. And I admit composition is generally the biggest hurdle to achieve as an artist - it demands constant attention. Perhaps though in this case, I am attempting to capture the wandering eye that sneaks itself in from the lower right. (humor intended).

What other compositional rules do you follow? While watching a plein air teacher doing a demo, he proceeded to remove the silo from a distant farm. He thought they appeared too "cute" in his classical composition. Yet many other artists embrace these tall curved topped agricultural structures. Sort of the Empire State structure of the farmer, adding interest to their rolling landscapes.

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