Monday, October 29, 2012

89 Somber Vineyard

89 "Somber Vineyard" - 7"x3" oil on canvas, copyright Laura Gable
Saturday's drive up the Columbia Gorge to the Canoe Ridge Estates vineyard, garnered a few moody images that are begging to become paintings. The rains were starting to clear on this area of high slopes that overlook the Columbia River on the Washington side. The ridge resembles an upside down canoe, aptly named by explorers Lewis and Clark many years ago. Though the ridge isn't visible in this painting, it shows the southern slope. Nestled high on top is their lovely gallery style tasting room, and red wine production facility for all of Chateau Ste. Michelle. I was part of an art show that ran all summer. Now they close for the season, though the wine making is just beginning. On this visit, I met the vineyard manager, Mimi. She has a deep love of the soil and thriving vines that grow there. She is featured in a video on their website--her love of the vineyards is evident:

Plan a visit next season to enjoy these vineyards, their finely crafted wines and look for new art displays to be showcased then.

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