Monday, October 22, 2012

82 Monkey Mind (this has been revised - no longer for sale)

82 "Monkey Mind" 12x12 oil on clayboard, copyright Laura Gable
Like a monkey, my mind jumps about and I'm often comparing myself to the dog named Doug, on the animated feature "UP!"  Do you remember how he was talking and all of a sudden he'd shift his head and say "squirrel!" Well that's how my mind seems to be lately. This painting was started earlier and then after a bit of a break pursuing other creative activities with my neighbor's printing press, I thought I'd resume the process. It's as though the thoughts shifted and completing the conversation took more effort. I wanted the darkest color to play across the page in a T design, with the lighter more subdued colors playing in the background. I've got a hankering to paint a few autumn squash I've picked up, and so this is the closest things I've come up with yet.

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