Saturday, October 20, 2012

80 Birds Eye View

80 "Birds Eye View" 5x5 oil on canvas, copyright Laura Gable
The little bird looks outward expectantly, as with each passing day the earth sheds it's mantle of summer, while days of harvest and melancholy are before us. Last week's brightly lit skies of early Autumn, gave way to cooler winds and brisker temperatures yesterday. Mentally I can't quite grasp this transition, yet I'm finding that last month's light khaki clothing isn't quite warm enough. I'm digging deep into the closets to bring forth those cozy sweaters and today wore a neck scarf with my jacket for the first time. I really wish Autumn wasn't so fleeting. The foliage colors are so glorious and the light quality is so pure. But alas, these days of transition and change will happen no matter how much I pine, whine and rumble.

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