Sunday, August 12, 2012

11 Wisdom

11 "Wisdom" mixed media on 8x10 clayboard, ©Laura Gable
I have been following artist Julie Quinn on Facebook. Her work is mesmerizing. On a clayboard surface she uses inks, acrylics and oils to create her non-representational thought form works of art. I have no idea how she creates these beauties. This is my feeble attempt at a painting "in the style of" her work.

It is a fun super smooth surface to work on. I used a paint sharpie, acrylic inks, and acrylic paint. My "mark" work resemble the patterns left behind by traversing birds, while her marks have a zen-Asian writing quality to them. Some people are master "mark" makers, a talent that in it's simplicity is actually harder than it looks. Anyway, with doing a painting a day there must be room for experimentation, so I'm saying this one qualifies. Not my favorite, but the process was fun. I'm now  a little over 10% completed with my 100 day challenge. It's more fun to look back than to look forward to the number that I have yet to do. ;-)

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