Saturday, August 11, 2012

Helping a Friend

I firmly believe that constant practice will greatly aid the artist's evolution. Sort of a chipping away at the larger vision. That's why I like painting on the small canvases - they are a quick "instant gratification" effort, they can really capture a mood, and from a buyer's viewpoint they are more affordable, allowing them to purchase an original -- with all it's luminosity and deliciousness.
Anyway, my recent effort involved assisting a friend with her business cards. These were designed in Photoshop, using her images of hand woven textiles and mixed media art. She lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida, and truly captures the beauty and lightness of their oceanside area. I know this isn't a painting, but thought I would post anyway. Isn't her work remarkable. And if you know her, she used to live her a few years back, go ahead and drop her a line .. the phone number is below.

Tomorrow the paints will come out of the freezer and I'll make more progress on the large canvas that's gathering dust in my studio. Oh and of course, the little daily paintings will continue as my November goal comes closer.

© Lynette Holmes, Fernandina Beach, Florida Artist

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