Monday, August 6, 2012

5 "Demitasse Tea Cup"

5 "Demitasse Tea Cup" watercolor on aquaboard, ©Laura Gable
The tea cup collection includes this sweet little nicely shaped demitasse tea cup, just perfect for that little shot of espresso in the morning. Not that I drink shots of espresso, but the delicacy of the cup is what intrigues me. The saucer is a square shape, and contrasts nicely with the scalloped edges. This painting was done quickly on aqua-board (another Ampersand product). It offers a bit of a challenge, as washes don't go on quite as evenly as they do on the nice watercolor paper I use (or at least I've not yet mastered that aspect of the materials). But none-the-less, it is very nice for correcting mistakes, and color lifting. Even the staining colors can be taken back nearly to white.

Hope you have  a little spot of tea and think of me, today. My exciting daily self imposed challenge continues. It's an effort to create a piece of art daily until my studio open house in November.  Look for even more details to come.

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