Friday, August 17, 2012

16 A Friendly Nod

16 "A Friendly Nod" oil on 12x12 panel, ©Laura Gable
One more for the mini sunflower series. I've always loved a yellow sky, and golden heads that are possibly a bit past their prime.

Full of playfulness, and movement, she dips her head to all that pass.
There she is, a friendly sunflower hanging out on the highway's edge.
Perhaps she is an aged ambassador...
Of this she is quite suited, with her gracious presence and friendly nature,
the visitors feel loved and appreciated.
She holds qualities, revered by all,
and is the most adored flower in the entire field.
Gratitude fills her very being, from the roots at her feet to the seeds on her face.
Her fringed face, full of grace.

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