Thursday, August 23, 2012

22 Happy

22  "Happy" 8x8 oil on board, copyright Laura Gable 2012
Wandering among the flowers and vines in my front yard, my heart goes all aflutter when I note that the Rose of Sharon bush is in full bloom. I love this little bush, which came to us in a bare-root state with little inkling as to what it would become. And it had become a beauty with it's pink blossoms that go seem to last forever, and reminds me of the hibiscus bush with it's dinner sized blooms nearby. Perhaps that's how it is with people. We're born all cute and wiggly with mounds of flesh and happy eyes, so much promise as to what we'll become but definitely a mystery after all. To see the child blossom as they seek out their own special interests is truly a string of magical moments indeed.

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