Thursday, August 2, 2012

100 in 100 explained

What is the 100 in 100 Challenge? 
A self-challenge I adopted on August 2nd to create 100 paintings in 100 days. Ideally that would mean doing a painting a day, though I do allow myself a few exceptions. Most of the painting is done on 8x8 or 12x12 Ampersand gessoboards. The purpose of this challenge is to create a more definite habit of creating art. The end of the challenge coincides with my annual Open Studio on November 10th and 11th. These paintings will be displayed together then and will be for sale in my studio. So please won't you make it a point to come by and visit to see these little gems up close and personal. I would love to show you around.

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The Tri City Artists Open Studio Tour, in it's 9th year, is featuring 16 artists in 15 studios. A driving tour about the greater Tri-Cities region with an opportunity to peek into the artist's secret lair, living room, or studio. Some artists rent studio space but most of the studios are home studios, making this a once a year opportunity to visit some of them. Admission is free. See you soon.

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  1. This is pretty cool! Keep up the good work, my friend.


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